Work with Us

At Business Sisters, our door is always open for new collaborations and partnerships. Join us as a partner, collaborator, presenter, volunteer or mentor. Let’s explore opportunities so together we can make our rural communities more resilient!


Business Sisters is founded on the premise that events and services are offered to women business owners for free or at greatly reduced fees because of the support of organizations and professionals who believe in empowering women entrepreneurs. Are you looking to increase your understanding of rural women business owners? If you and your organization care about community economic development, let’s talk.


Business Sisters is all about the collective. To help this community thrive we need collaborators who are looking to do their best work in a variety of areas: content production, social media management, event coordination, partner development and administration. We believe in creative collaboration, consensus decision-making, accountability and equitable remuneration. If you see yourself contributing in any of these fields, please reach out.


We constantly are looking for professionals wanting to share their know-how in a way that makes a difference. People who provide real advice and tools, not just motivation talk. People interested in helping Business Sisters, not just sell their products or services. You don’t need to be a professional speaker – our small group formats lend themselves to showcasing your skills in engaging ways. We also have larger events, both online and live. It could be a smart business development for you and a rich learning opportunity for our community. Win-win! If this resonates with you please schedule a call.


Sign up to be a volunteer and assist us with events or other tasks. This is a great way to meet other women entrepreneurs, especially if you’re still trying to figure out whether venturing in your own business is the right thing for you. We will match you with meaningful work that is totally manageable with your schedule. If you are looking to help and have fun, we’re ready to chat with you!

Two women business owners posing at event


Business Sisters is all about connection; if you are an experienced entrepreneur, your experience and your listening ear might mean the world to a newer entrepreneur. And don’t underestimate the value of having a trusted peer with which to share a challenge. We all know that sometimes, it is easy to suggest what needs to be done when it is someone else’s challenge. If you are ready to share your hard-earned wisdom, let’s connect.