Business Sisters is about YOU

When You Want to Connect

A Community for Rural Women Entrepreneurs

Business Sisters is about YOU

A Community for Rural Women Entrepreneurs

When You Want to Connect

A Community for Rural Women Entrepreneurs

Business Sisters is a bilingual social enterprise dedicated to building happy, resilient rural communities by connecting women business owners so they can learn and thrive.

When You Want to Connect

Business Sisters is for you when you want to connect with other women who understand what it’s like to be in business, whether you’re a farmer, artist, artisan, shop owner or service-provider. It’s for you, the busy rural women entrepreneur who want tools and knowledge to apply NOW.

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When it comes to events, you have choices. With COVID our monthly “5 à 7” networking receptions are online, with a fun and purposeful format. Our workshops are also moving online until at least Spring 2021. For the Annual Conference, we’re still evaluating. Rest assured we’re monitoring and innovating to bring you the best possible experience, SAFELY. 

Business Sisters is about YOU

About Women

Business Sisters is all about women. Dedicated women who are at work in local communities as business owners, entrepreneurs, farmers, artists, artisans. Some of us are self-employed in store-fronts or home-based, as service-providers or virtual workers.

About Rural Business

Business Sisters are from rural areas and small towns, mostly in Eastern Ontario. We know how distance can make us feel disconnected even though there are hundreds of women in business in the region. Poor internet and lack of the same amenities as urban centres are often obstacles for us.

About Real Life

Business Sisters keep it real. Women wear many hats at home, in business, and in the community. By connecting with each other, we can share experiences – life isn’t always Insta-worthy. As we listen to personal stories of mistakes, hurdles overcome and lessons learned, we learn and become resilient. We remind each other that we need to take care of ourselves even while we are taking care of others, too.

What makes us different?

Business Sisters is about the simple idea of connecting women business owners so they can get to know each other and learn from each other. And yet, it’s more than that. We take pride in being a social enterprise and want our work to matter. Supporting women in business means we’re having a direct impact on community economic development. Business Sisters creates a listening and sharing environment for women’s experiences and stories – creating a safe place to support each other.


Doreen is our region’s champion for entrepreneurship and women’s leadership. Working with her and Business Sisters is a pleasure means having fun on your way to success.

Marie-Noëlle Lanthier

Consultant & Town Councilor, Municipality of The Nation

I hope you’re taking a well deserved rest today!!! I just wanted to send you virtual confetti and congrats for your conference! You did an amazing job. The speakers and panel were great. The food was amazing. Thank you so much for including me! I’m sure you’ve gotten nothing but great compliments! Look forward to participating next year!!!!!!!!

Diana Lidstone

Speaker, The Entrepreneur’s GPS

I am sooooo glad I was able to attend the Business Sisters Conference on Saturday. Thanks to Doreen for putting together a wonderful group of inspiring and wise women as presenters and speakers. I was able to meet my newest client, and from the sponsors I also found a potential partner, and some great new resources for my VA association. Incredible!

Tracey Blanchfield-D’Aviero

Virtual Assistant Coach and Trainer

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